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  Lesson 1 Assessment and Follow-Through Activity

Scenario #1: Make the Product Move Faster

Audra, the recently-promoted program manager for a product development team, has been working 14-hour days on solving the problem of Product 4 not selling as well as the first three products in the same series. Audra decides that the product development team needs to move Product 4 faster to delivery to the customer. She pressures her team to work faster on delivering Product 3 and 4.

Read the following three questions and select the best response. Return to the content presentation if you wish to review your response. When you complete the assessment, be sure to read the follow-through activity.

Follow-Through Activity:

Take five minutes to read your response again to the question "What is my job?" Apply the 3 Crude Rules of Thumb to answer the question again about how you can best organize your job around those simple concepts.